R.G. Finney: Premier Wildlife and Western Artist


After serving 13+ years in the military and being decorated seven times as a Green Beret, R.G. Finney traded his combat boots for cowboy boots and his rifle for a paintbrush. It was a good trade . . . The well trained soldier is now a highly disciplined artist, and his artistic expressions in oil and bronze have led him to be recognized as one of America's premier wildlife and western artists.

Born in Canada, Finney now calls Wyoming "home"; however, many of his paintings reflect a tropical theme, inspired by four years on the lush island of Kauai. Although most of his current oils are photo-realistic representations of Western subject matter, Finney's more "Visionary Art" depicts a combination of majestic mountains, verdant valleys and cascading waterfalls with huge cats in the foreground — obviously influenced by the islands of Hawaii.

"Serene Domain"
Oil on Canvas by R.G. Finney
"Lands End"
Oil on Canvas by R.G. Finney

A warrior at heart, Finney now defends wildlife conservation. The compelling realism and extraordinary detail of his work express a true appreciation of nature and a commitment to preserving it. In 2002 Finney's admiration of wildlife, combined with his unique and prolific talent, won him a commission from Folsom Graphics in Green Bay, Wisconsin — the exclusive publisher of Finney's work. This noteworthy commission, entitled "The North American Twenty-Seven," is a collection of 27 original oils on canvas, each featuring a different great wild animal of North America. The final canvas is slated for completion in 2005.

Finney's distinctive work has been exhibited in galleries and private showings throughout the country, and he is one of an elite few U.S. artists invited to display at the Mzuri Art Show. His artwork has appeared on numerous magazine/book jacket covers, as well as in feature articles in national publications including: The Saturday Evening Post, Good Housekeeping, Parade, Artists of the Rockies, Southwest Art, USA Weekend, and Wildlife Conservation Magazine. Finney's art has also found a popular market being reproduced on limited edition collectable plates, stamps and coins.

To the delight guests, many of Finney's paintings and sculptures are displayed right where they're created — at Spirit West River Lodge. Original bronzes and oils, as well as Giclees (digital reproductions printed on 100% cotton canvas), complement the western decor of the lodge and are often purchased by captivated admirers. Adjacent to the lodge, R.G.'s studio beckons visitors to a sneak preview of his latest work-in-progress; and some guests visit Spirit West expressly for the purpose of meeting the artist and watching him paint.

Both at war and at work, R.G. Finney has passionately represented America; therefore, it's not surprising that his art is now owned by such distinguished Wyoming residents as Governor Jim Geringer, Congressman Craig Thomas, Senator Al Simpson, Senator Malcom Wallop, and Former Secretary of Defense and now Vice President of the United States Dick Cheney. An original oil painting "Forest Fires Campaign - 1987" also hangs in the Chief of the U.S. Forest Service office in Washington D.C. Many of Finney's original paintings, sculptures, collector plates, limited edition prints and collector coins are in private and corporate collections around the world.

"Brave Spirit Singing"
Sculpture in bronze by R.G. Finney

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