Guests enjoy modeling beaded, brain tanned Indian attire -- complete with fur hats and moccasins. (Handcrafted by R.G. Finney)


A trophy elk mount proudly crowns the cathedral ceiling in the Rendezvous Room.


"Old West" memorabilia adds a touch of western nostalgia to one corner of the great-room.


Original western oil paintings by R.G. Finney bring the "Wild West" to life on the walls.



"If walls could talk" . . . but, oh, they can at Spirit West! And they start talking as soon as you step inside. From the entryway to the great-room . . . from the kitchen to the bedrooms . . . it's definitely "The Old West." Through images and artifacts of cowboys, Indians and mountain men, the walls at Spirit West tell a story of Wyoming's wilder days, when those who settled the area wore feathers and fur, and fought hard to carve out a life in this rugged country.

The lodge is filled with an incredible collection of memorabilia from Wyoming's younger days: Indian robes and headdresses, tomahawks and spears, rifles and black powder guns, sheep bells and mule yokes, pistols and spurs, antlers and bones, coal buckets and oil lamps . . . they all have a story to tell the guests at Spirit West.

Along with these, R.G. displays his own original western and wildlife art in such a way that it naturally complements the buffalo, elk and bighorn sheep mounts, which hang proudly overhead. Lynn adds her western touch to each bedroom, mixing antique furniture with beautiful quilts, animal skin rugs, and western accent pieces. One corner of the great-room humbly displays an antique wood burning stove, butter churn and assorted crocks — reminding guests that preparing a meal wasn't always as convenient as it is today. An old oak piano stands patiently in the opposite corner, hoping for someone to play a cowboy's tune. Across the room is a library full of books for anyone wanting to learn more about the area or read tales of interesting characters who populated this part of Wyoming.

Spirit West is more than a destination — it's an experience. By artistically blending the old with the new, Lynn and R.G. have built a get-away that not only pampers guests with elegant comfort but also enriches them with an older spirit of the West.

Looking across the Spirit West pond -- an Indian tepee adds a focal point to the western landscape and reminds guests of the Cheyenne, Arapahoe and Sioux who traveled across Wyoming.

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